India SSC CGL 2020 Assistant Accounts Officer, Post, Syllabus, Role
India SSC CGL 2020 Assistant Accounts Officer, Post, Syllabus, Role

Assistant Accounts Officer, India 2020, SSC CGL Post, Result, 2017, 2018, Roles

One of the many positions provided by the Indian Staff Selection Commission is that of Assistant Accounts Officer (AAO). Because it is among the most coveted government jobs for graduates, quite a few college students take the entrance exam in order to pass. However, before taking the SSC CGL exam, it is advisable that you simply understand the roles and duties of an Assistant Accounts Officer. Here take a look at the job profile, salary, and outlook for the SSC CGL Assistant Account Officer position. With salary and role of this post, the person has the complete power in himself too. Though SSC 2017, 2018 and 2019 have lots of competition, but it’s going to be too hard for SSC 2020 batches due to pandemic stuffs. It will affect their results too. Let’s discuss the further points.

As Assistant Accounts Officer, you may be working within the Indian Audit and Accounts division under the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG). It will carry out a diverse function, reminiscent of that of assisting senior officers and informing them of the division’s funds.

Roles Of Assistant Accounts Officer

Assistant Accounts Officer, India 2020, SSC CGL Post, Result, 2017, 2018, Roles
Assistant Accounts Officer, India 2020, SSC CGL Post, Result, 2017, 2018, Roles

The primary duties of an Assistant Accounts Officer include the following:

  • Pass government payments
  • Preparation of payment receipts for the government. from india
  • Supervise the work of your subordinate employees
  • Assign work and assign duties to subordinates.
  • Maintain self-discipline and order within the division involved
  • Ensuring work is completed on time and in a correct method
  • Maintain records within the Accounting division
  • Verification of funds estimates and revised estimates
  • Maintain control over income tax assessment
  • Manage financial transactions
  • Preparation of legal accounts and monetary studies.
  • Financial management planning

The working hours are set for the publication of the Accounting Assistant. She will work 9 to 5 weekdays. Since it is a desk job, you may spend most of your time busy at the computer.

SSC CGL 2020 Account NCO, salary structure and benefits

The salary structure for an accounting assistant is provided at the following desk:

1)Pay ScaleRs 9300- Rs 34800
2)Grade ScaleRs 4800
3)Initial PayRs 9300
4)Total Pay Combining Pay and Grade ScaleRs 14100
Salary Table Of Assistant Accounts Officer

The monthly salary available is likely to be Rs 42000.

Additionally, you will be eligible for a number of authority assignments, along with the following:

  • HRA or housing rental subsidy, in case you are not offered a room
  • Assignment of technical assistance or transportation
  • DA or Dearness assignment on full pay
  • Limited phone payments
  • Gasoline subsidy

SSC CGL Assistant Accounts Officer – Promotional Avenues

The career path of an accounting assistant goes through these stages:

  • Account Officer
  • Senior Account Officer
  • Account Manager

The position of Assistant Accounts Officer is an influential position within the Central Government. from India. As soon as you can reach the place, you can be financially secured for life. For this reason, seek the official notification from the SSC CGL and appear for the entrance examination.

Detailed Syllabus for Assistant Accounts Officer and Assistant Audit Officer

The detailed curriculum of Document IV of SSC CGL for the position of Assistant Accounting Officer and Assistant Audit Officer is as follows: –

Part A: Finance and Accounts (Mark 80)

Basic principles and primary concept of Fundamental accounting, Financial Accounting :-

  1. Nature and scope,
  2. Limitations of Financial Accounting,
  3. Basic concepts and conventions,
  4. Generally Accepted Accounting Rules (GAAP)
  5. Accounting standards (AS)

Fundamental accounting concept: –

  1. Single and double entry
  2. Original entry books
  3. Financial institution / Bank reconciliation
  4. Journal, accounting books
  5. Trial balance
  6. Rectification of errors
  7. Manufacturing, trade
  8. Profit and loss appropriation accounts
  9. Balance sheet
  10. Distinction between capital expenditures and income
  11. Accounting for depreciation
  12. Valuation of inventories
  13. Non-profit organization accounts
  14. Receipts and Funds and Income and Expense Accounts
  15. Bills of exchange / trade
  16. Self-balancing ledger.

Part B: Economy and governance (120 points)

  • Comptroller and Auditor General of India: constitutional provisions, role and responsibilit
  • Finance Commission-Role and functions
  • Fundamental Concept of Economics and introduction to Microeconomics: –
  1. Definition, scope and nature of the economy
  2. Economic study methods and central questions of an economy.
  3. Manufacturing / production possibilities curve
  • Concept of supply and demand: –
  1. Meaning and determinants of demand,
  2. Law of demand and elasticity of demand,
  3. Price, income and cross elasticity;
  4. Theory of consumer behavior Marshallian approach and indifference curve method,
  5. Meaning and determinants of supply, Law of supply and Elasticity of supply.
  • Principle of manufacture and cost: –
  1. Manufacturing / production meaning and components
  2. Legal production guidelines- Law of variable proportions and Laws of returns to scale
  • Market types and price determination in numerous markets: –
  1. Many types of markets: perfect competition, monopoly, monopolistic competition, and oligopoly advertising value determination in these markets

Indian economy:

  • Nature of India’s financial system Position of various sectors Position of agriculture, business and enterprises: their problems and development;
  • National Income of India: National Income Concepts, Different Strategies for Measuring National Income
  • Inhabitants-Its measure, growth rate and its implication in economic development.
  • Poverty and unemployment- Absolute and relative poverty, varieties, causes and incidence of unemployment.
  • Infrastructure-Energy, Transport, Communication
  • Economic reforms in India: economic reforms since 1991; Liberalization, privatization, globalization and divestment

Money and Banking

  • Monetary / Fiscal Policy: Role and Characteristics of the Reserve Bank of India; characteristics of commercial banks / RRB / payment banks
  • Budget and fiscal deficit and fund balance.
  • Fiscal Responsibility and Budgetary Management / Administration Law, 2003
  • The role of information technology in governance

General Research Work Level IV

The level for Document IV of General Investigation, that is, for the position of Assistant Accounting Officer and Deputy Audit Officer will probably be at the Graduation Level. Therefore, it is essential to prepare the Accounting and Economics curriculum according to the Undergraduate curriculum.

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