Slogan Seller Review- Get Paid To Write Slogans Online
Slogan Seller Review- Get Paid To Write Slogans Online

A Brief Review On How Slogan Seller Helps You To Sell A Slogan To A Company

A slogan is something which is short –memorable phrase which is often used in advertising by the advertisers. Advertisers want some creative slogans for their products/offers and services. Hence, they were ready to pay to them, who were ready to write slogans for them. They often arrange slogan writing competitions for their offers. But the problem arrives here for those competitors, that, they don’t know about the platforms, where they can submit the slogans. And here, the role of Slogan Seller which will tell you how to sell a slogan to a company. We will go to cover each and everything about the slogan seller review in depth. And by the end of this review, you will be confirmed and confident about whether to try slogan seller or not.

Don’t worry, this Is not going to be one of those, slogan seller reviews, which only tells about the pros, because, we will also cover about its cons. So, let’s get started without any further delay.

What is Slogan Seller?

How to sell a slogan to a company, slogan seller review

Slogan seller is a guide for everyone who is somehow creative in thinking, in words or in writings. The one, who can write a bunch of words, which can help a person, a company or an organization, then he/she should try Slogan Seller for once. Using slogan seller, will 100% enhance their direction from writing towards the earning mechanism. The tool- slogan seller will guide through every steps from writing to submission of the slogan where that can be sold easily.

The tool is created by Ben Olson who creates this special software just to help each and every individual out there, who have their passion actually in writings, but can’t find the actual way to earn money from it.

It will be like step-by-step guide or the real-time mentor for all of them.

It will make you a “perfect to a niche” writer and helps you establish yourself from 0 to pro only in that particular niche where you want to grow. The tool is designed as such, so that, the writer has to do as least work as possible and to earn as much as possible.

How Slogan Seller Work To Sell Your Slogan?

For you to start earning, you have to take the membership for the services of Slogan Seller. And the membership fee is $37 which is more than affordable for everyone. Slogan seller will then make you a pro in writing slogans and selling them and start earning from them.

The first way to start earning from Slogan Seller is to write slogans for merchandise like mugs, T-shirts, and stuffs.

You must be confused, about how to find the companies to sell the stuffs you have created. And here the second step arrives. The Second step will teaches you how to find small as well as large companies, websites or freelance people, where they need slogans to advertise to the rest of the world.

The third and last step will teach you how to make the final income from those advertisers who will sell slogans for you. And in this way, you own slogans will help you to make royalties for you.

When I heard about this tool, I was also bit confused that time, as, “how I can earn by writing a bit words or some phrases and symbols”, but later on, I come to know the full facts about this tool and I became more than a confident guy, and started my first $56 in the first week only. And after that, I made a consistent $350+ every week. I am proud of myself and even the tool Slogan Seller that help me reaching this milestone.

What trainings are provided in Slogan Seller?

There were 3 sections included in the training in slogan seller.

1) Taking your idea to public

The first section will help you to guide on how to sell your ideas to public. In the first section, it will be assumed that, the user who is using it, is a completely beginner and don’t know anything. For those types of people who were in beginner level. This section will help you to go smoothly, without any efforts.

You  will be going to start learning on how to make money from your slogans from the first section itself. So don’t worry about the training process.

From your own idea creation to repurposing the other’s ideas, is all what is trained by the Slogan Seller.

How to sell a slogan to a company, slogan seller review, slogan writing competition

2) Entering the Slogan Writing Competitions

The second section of the training will help you to find the slogan writing competitions and other platforms, where you can easily sell your slogans to. No matter where you are a competitive person or not, but in this stage you will be confident enough to sell your work to the companies and agencies.

In this stage, you will be given complete guide, on how to find those slogan writing competitions and companies, where you can get paid to write slogans.

The “how and where” questions will be focused in this section and is answered very well by Ben Olson too.

3) Get your Work Done

This section is followed to the second section which is the final part of your slogan selling work. In this section you will be guided on how to find the direct buyers instead of advertisers as a mediator, so that you can sell your stuff easily to those buyers only.

But before selling your slogans to the companies or agencies; you will be required to check the terms and conditions for those companies, so that; you will not be rejected by them.

Why You Should Use Slogan Seller?

The product is easy to use and handle the steps during the training process.

You will not have to invest your whole time into it, so as to start earning, i.e., as soon as possible (from the second week onwards), you will be able to start earning from that. For most people it may take maximum up to 10 weeks to start earning from the slogans.

There is less effort needed for getting paid to write slogans.

Your income will rise steadily every week and you will be surprised from your income too.

What will you get with Slogan Seller?

You will get a Bonus Appendix from the Slogan Seller training program only. There, it will stuff a bunch ideas into your mind, so that, you can start working on those ideas, as soon as possible.

Along with ideas, they will also provide you pre-written slogans; which were actually not completely written, but have to be written by you. Just fill in the blanks which were left blank and use them as a slogan.

Benefits of Slogan Seller

  1. You will get the legit and genuine way to earn money online from your slogans.
  2. Though this is not known by much people, hence the competition is as least possible.
  3. The training guide is completely detailed and is much comprehensive than expected.
  4. Legal advices are also given to you, which you can also use during selling the slogans to the companies and agencies.
  5. More affordable price-$37 only.
  6. Also there were up-sells in between, but those will also be completely affordable to you.
  7. 60 days money back guarantee.
  8. Professionalism is maintained in the training guide.
  9. Plenty of bonuses are also being provided in the Slogan Seller package, with every up-sell.

Problems, You May Face Sometimes Which Using Slogan Seller:

The training video might be inaccessible to you for sometimes. It is because, most of the times, they were making changes to the training. And for that, the server seems to be busy, and hence, you might experience server errors.


Also don’t expect to become millionaire overnight, as because, this takes steady time, to have steady income. Hence, patience is must.

Is Slogan Seller A Scam or Legit?

Absolutely, slogan seller is legit, as I myself earned more than $1000’s in every two months; and that too with the least amount of work. If I can earn money from the slogans, then why not you?!

Also, you will be going to get a 60 Days Money Back Guarantee. This means, you can ask for refund anytime within 60 days, if you can’t see any results. So, don’t worry about any kinds of losses.

Where to Buy the Slogan Seller?

You can easily buy the slogan seller from the link given below, which will redirect you to the direct sales page. Enter your details and start earning. Also, if you want to get the bonuses, with some discounts, you can buy from our link. So that, you don’t have to pay $37 at your initial purchase. Don’t wait as there is less competition. Just jump into it, and break the competitions right away.


As I said, I have earned from this product many times, and I will suggest you to give this slogan seller tool a chance to enhance your earnings. There is no need to left your job or anything, but can do this work along with your daily life routine. So, don’t think much about it, contribute a small value of as low as $37 on yourself and start making your first sale, through your slogans.

Hope this Slogan Seller review works for you, if it is so, then don’t think much about it, just buy now, from the link given below and share your experience with us.

Thank you for reading our slogan seller review and check Daily India for more such reviews.

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