Brittney Griner Prison and the Women's National Anthem

Brittney Griner is an elite basketball player. She is part of the Phoenix Mercury of the Women's National Basketball Association.

Brittney Griner was born and raised in Waco, Texas, and was a basketball player in the NCAA tournament as a member of Baylor. While at the college, she was arrested in Russia.

Griner's allegations Griner have sparked controversy. Her lawyer has stood up against allegations and filed a legal challenge.

However, critics say her actions are unpatriotic and insensitive, and offensive. Brittney Griner is an born and raised Houstonian she is also the wife of Raymond Griner.

Griner has three siblings. The news that she's being held in Russia has many contemplating what to make of Griner.

The US has offered to negotiate her release, however the Russians have refused to accept her back. President Biden has had a conversation to her spouse.

It's not clear how the role of government will be in the case, but it's clear Griner has made a statement of political intent.

However however, the US government is planning to start an extensive fight to get rid of Griner.

While American politicians remain largely not speaking out about the situation however, some congressmen have expressed their support for Griner.

Indeed, Texas congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee has even called for Griner's deportation.

The Kremlin has been pushing for Bout's release since the beginning of time and could gain leverage through the event of a swap.

Griner's appeal to her prison sentence is underway. The appeals court has set a hearing for Oct. 25.