Pittsburgh Steelers Roster 2022-  Kenny Pickett- Steelers QB 2022

The Pittsburgh Steelers are a professional American football team that is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The team is a member of the National Football League, playing in the North division. They play at Heinz Field in downtown Pittsburgh.

Fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers team can go to any Steelers game and cheer on their favorite players. The Steelers were originally named the Pirates and were founded in 1933.

Owner Art Rooney used his winnings from a horse race to start the franchise. He still owns the team to this day.

However, during the team's first 37 years, they only qualified for the playoffs one time, so their name was changed to the Steelers.

In 1940, the team changed its name to the Steelers to honor the Steel industry, the city's major industry. They tied for the NFL Eastern Division championship in 1947.

If the Steelers don't select a quarterback in the first round, they'll likely go with a player from the quarterback position. They could take a quarterback with the 20th overall pick.

 The Steelers could also pick a safety from Notre Dame with that pick. If they can't find a quarterback to fit their scheme, they might try a quarterback from another position.

The Steelers' quarterback situation was in a bind last year. They had several quarterbacks in the draft, and were unable to get any in the first round.

However, in the 2022 NFL Draft, they negotiated a deal to gain flexibility to draft a future QB in the first round.

While other teams struggled to find the signal caller of the future, the Steelers chose to wait and take their time.